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Total IgE

ELISA test system Vitrotest

Vitrotest total- IgE

ELISA test system «Vitrotest Total-IgE» is intended for the quantitative determination of total immunoglobulin E in human serum or plasma.

Detection of antibodies is based on the principle of one-step "sandwich"-variant enzyme immunoassay (ELISA) using a pair of monoclonal antibodies.

  • Variant of configuration: 96-1T (12xS8-1T).
  • Solid phase - ELISA plate with immobilized the first monoclonal antibodies specific for IgE.
  • Calibrators - 0 IU/ml, 10 IU/ml, 50 IU/ml, 250 IU/ml, 500 IU/ml, 1000 IU/ml.
  • Conjugate: second monoclonal antibody specific for IgE conjugated with horseradish peroxidase.
  • Chromogen: one-component TMB.
  • Volume of serum for analysis: 20 mcl.
  • Timing Analysis - 2 hours.