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ELISA test system Vitrotest

Trichinellosis is helminthosis of humans, as well as many wild and domestic animals caused by roundworms of the genus Trichinella. This disease has relevant socioeconomic and sanitary (...) continue »

Vitrotest® Anti-Trichinella ТК067

ELISA test system Vitrotest® Anti-Trichinella designed to detect antibodies of IgG and IgA classes to Trichinella spiralis in human serum or plasma.

Detection of antibodies is based on the principle of "indirect" solid phase enzyme immunoassay (ELISA).

  • Variant of configuration: 96-1T (12hS8-1T).
  • Solid phase - ELISA plate with immobilized antigens of Trichinella spiralis larvae.
  • Conjugate: anti-species (specific for human IgG and IgA) monoclonal antibodies conjugated to horseradish peroxidase.
  • Chromogen: one-component TMB.
  • Volume of serum for analysis: 10 mcl.
  • Time of analysis: 1,5 - 2 hours.